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Thinking Creatively

Hello everyone!

Haley here to tell you that we added this tab - Let's Get Creative - for a couple reasons.

One is for our podcast crew to post all the awesome nerdy creative stuff that we do in our free time (knitting, painting, wood burning, drawing, etc.) and the other reason is so that anyone else who wants to make a post on what creative thing they've been doing lately, can do so here!

Emily and I will be starting this off with some of the knitted work we've been doing and the dice boxes that I made everyone for the beginning of this podcast!

Just a heads up, it will be monitored and anything offensive will be taken down and the poster will be notified.

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Shawn Pommier
Shawn Pommier
Nov 07, 2018

I don't make much from scratch, but i paint minis, and my mom has gotten into dungeon tiles

here is a drive folder with some examples

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