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Hideous Laughter Podcast Can Koozie Pattern

By: Emily Campbell

Skinny Can Version


US size 4 double pointed needles


Premier Home Cotton (weight 4)

3 different colors ~28yds of each

Pattern notes

Knit in the round, starting from the top of the work, using double knit stockinette and reverse stockinette stitches to form the cylinder. End with double knit stockinette and decrease stitches to create the bottom of the work. Outside of the cozy is the RS and inside of the cozy is the WS. Continuously work from the inside with WS as front, facing you. The first four stitches knit on each needle should be pulled tight to avoid gaps.

This pattern is for a standard 12oz soda or beer can. See note at bottom of pattern to adjust to make a skinny can koozie.


Main color – background color on right side

Contrasting color- color of letters on right site

MCkb- keep main color (MC) strand in back, knit MC

CCpf- keep contrasting color (CC) strand in front, purl CC


1. Double knit cast on 56 stitches (28 main color (MC) and 28 contrasting color (CC)). Spread out stitches evenly on 3 needles and join in the round. Be careful not to twist the stiches.

2. Follow the chart below - each square represents 2 stitches (one MC one CC). On black squares Knit CC and Purl MC on gray squares Knit MC and Purl CC.

3. The yellow area of the chart is the third color. Drop the MC and CC but do not cut them. Knit and purl all stitches with the third color.

4. When done with the color stripe pick up the MC and CC again and begin knitting and purling as before. Cut the third color and weave in tail later.

5. Continue with pattern until the end of the chart. Then start to decrease.


Round D1: Start decreasing - see notes. *[MCp, CCk] twice, p2togMC with both strands in front,

k2togCC with both strands in back* to end

Round D2: [MCp, CCk] to end

Round D3: *MCp, CCk, MCp2tog with both strands in front, CCk2tog with both strands in back* to end

Round D4: [MCp, CCk] to end

Rounds D5-7: *MCp2tog with both strands in front, CCk2tog with both strands in back* to end

Separately, weave together 3 remaining CC sts and 3 remaining MC sts. (MC stitches should remain on the outside of the work and CC stitches should remain on the inside of the work) Weave CC sts first and pull CC strand through to inside of work. Then weave MC stitches keeping strand on outside of work.

Tie and weave in all loose ends. To block the finished koozie run under water then gently remove excess water. Dry the koozie on a can for several days. Enjoy!

*Decreasing note*

With double knitting, the 4 stitches (2 MC and 2 CC) to be used in [MCp2tog with both strands in front, CCk2tog with both strands in back] must be reordered by swapping the second and third stitch. While reordering the stitches keep the strands together in the front or the back of the working needle but the strands will need to be in the front before MCp2tog.

Slip 1st MC stitch to RH (right hand) needle.

Slip 1st CC stitch to extra needle, keeping in front of work.

Slip 2nd MC stitch to RH needle.

Return 1st CC stitch to LH (left hand) needle.

Return 2 MC stitches to LH needle.

Skinny Can Adjustment

To make a skinny can koozie cast on 52 stitches. Remove one column of black and yellow boxes from each side of the skull. After reaching the end of the pattern chart continue knitting extra rows until the koozie is the desired length. Finish the pattern as written.

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