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New GM's, new PC's, and new stories! Join us in this action-packed anthology show where HLP gives new life to classic Pathfinder modules! Available now on Patreon!

About Linked Legacy

      Love the rest of the shows but want more? Then the Linked Legacy podcast is for you! This anthology series departs from HLP tradition, putting different members of the HLP into the GM seat to tell new stories set against the backdrop of classic pathfinder modules. Available to all subscribers to the HLP Patreon at the $5 tier or above, the Linked Legacy podcast is sure to surprise and delight new and longtime listeners of the show alike.

     Beginning with a run through of the classic module Carnival of Tears, a new party must uncover a sinister plot at a carnival where all is not as it seems. But where will the next adventure take place? Who will run it? What new and exciting characters will be sitting at the table? Tune in and find out!

Release Schedule

Bi-weekly episodes on the Patreon-exclusive feed!


  • Pathfinder 1E + ???

  • ???-Aligned

  • Rotating Cast

  • World Is Square rules

  • 90 min average episode length

Listen Now

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