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"Roll a Will save, you're in the Zone of Truth!"


About Zone of Truth

      The Zone of Truth Podcast is a bit of a break in format for Hideous Laughter Productions. Join hosts Steve and Griffin biweekly as they kick back, crack open a few cold ones, and talk all things TTRPG’s. In this conversational and interview-style show, they’ll get the opportunity to discuss what’s happening behind the screens from a GM and player perspective, review new and upcoming Paizo and Pathfinder related products, deep dive into some of the juiciest Pathfinder lore, and interview exciting content creators in the TTRPG space!

      For those who want to learn more about the show and the world it’s played in, hear the freshest HLP news, and get their questions answered, you’ll need to roll a will save, because you’re in the Zone of Truth!

Release Schedule

Bi-weekly episodes on the main HLP podcast feed!


  • Discussion Podcast

  • Hosts Griffin & Steve

  • 60+ hours of content

  • Rotating Cast

  • TTRPG content creator interviews

  • Show Spoilers
  • 90 min average episode length

Listen Now

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