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When the PCs witness their hometown of Phaendar destroyed in the first steps of an all-out war of conquest, they begin a quest that leads them from desperate survival to heroes of legend as they push back against the monstrous Ironfang Legion. This ruthless army—helmed by a hobgoblin General and empowered by an ancient artifact intends to claim both Nirmathas and Molthune while the isolated nations bicker with one another. The heroes' quest will take them deep into the fey-haunted Fangwood Forest, to the craggy bluffs of western Nirmathas, and delve deep into the earth to explore the Darklands. Can a small band of refugees grow into champions and push back against the horde, or will the Ironfang Invasion give way to an Ironfang nation?

About Speak With Plants

      Adventure premiering in Spring-Summer 2023.

Release Schedule

Bi-weekly Tuesday episodes on the Patreon-exclusive feed!


  • Pathfinder 2E

  • GM Haley

  • All Leshy/Plant Party

  • Griff, Steve, Tim, Chris as players

  • 90 min average episode length

Listen Soon!

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