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"Across the table, you see a pale, dark-eyed man with gaunt features dressed in jet-black regal attire. Pinned on his chest is the same symbol of a gagged skull from the notes you received. He addresses you:

Please come in, I've saved a seat for each of you. I had hoped you had gotten my letter...

He beckons to the chairs around the table awaiting you."


- Evil Interludes, Episode 1

About the Evil Interludes

Turn back the clocks ten years and get ready for an unprecedented Pathfinder horror experience! A prequel companion show to Hideous Laughter Productions’ flagship Carrion Crown adventure run, the HLP Evil Interlude stars four deranged “heroes” executing some of the most devious plans of the Whispering Way in locales both familiar and brand new to the show. The HLP Evil Interlude is homebrewed by GM Griffin and sets the scene for some of Carrion Crown’s biggest moments! Blood with run and fur will fly as a deranged vivisectionist, an enigmatic holy man, a loving grandmother, and a feisty weretiger carve their grisly way through Avistan’s history. On the HLP Evil Interlude, sickness truly is in season!

Release Schedule

Bi-monthly episodes on the main HLP podcast feed!


  • Carrion Crown Ties

  • Pathfinder 1E

  • Evil-Aligned

  • 4 Person Party

  • World Is Square rules

  • 2 hour average episode length

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