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GIVEAWAY! Cursed Dice and Can Koozie

We are doing a giveaway to celebrate having more than 1,000 downloads in a month and achieving 2,000 total downloads annnnnd having over 500 super awesome Twitter followers!

So there are rules to this, because we aren't just giving a cursed dice set and a hand knit can koozie to anyone.

We have a total of 5 ways to enter and you can enter all 5 times.

For one entry:

1. Retweet and like the post from Twitter @laughterhideous

2. Like and share the post on Facebook @hideouslaughterpod or The Hideous Laughter Podcast

3. Like and tag a friend in the comments on Instagram @hideouslaughterpod

4. Send us an email ( with your favorite NPC, moment, or PC!

For two entries:

Give us a written review on iTunes or Stitcher or <insert other podcast app here> - send us an email with proof that it was you!

For everyone that has already given us a review, you don't need to post a second one of course, just shoot us an email and we will count that for you!


So that's our giveaway. Exciting, right??

I'm going to get back to knitting this can koozie but here are some pics of the dice and in progress koozie!

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