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4 - Getting Brain in the Library Drinking Game

The Rules:

Drink every time:

You hear the dogs

Your hear the word "drowned"

Dice rolls and drinking

Drink three times:

For the sweet smell of milk

If you get the Ladybugs reference

Finish your drink:

When the GM tells you to!


This episode, our heroes do some much needed research. Some research in the library and a lot of research on what the heck was tapping on E's window.

There was an eerie raven that wouldn't stop screaming.

Also, we had some serious audio issues during this episode and we almost didn't publish it. Unfortunately, our GM's track was mysteriously deleted. Luckily, Haley was able to sit and isolate Griff's voice from the other tracks, create a new track for him, and then mesh it together to publish it. It is not the quality that we ever intended to put out and have since, put in some safeguards to prevent it from ever happening again. We really appreciate you all sticking through it with us. We apologize for the shoddy quality and wanted to give you all an explanation for what the heck happened during Episode 4.

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