3 - Naughty Tomes Drinking Game

Updated: Oct 31, 2018

The Rules:

Drink every time:

Someone fails a knowledge check

Dice rolls

There is drinking on air

Take three drinks:

When the will is read

Finish your drink when:

The PC's take a shot

The GM tells you to!


We found that we were gifted not items but a mission. One to protect his daughter for a month in the city of Ravengro and another to return some valuable and naughty tomes.

First, we received his journal

And then the four tomes - one being an ornate purple book with a gold scarab on top that Ikmur takes a liking to.

We then go to the bar to hang with our good Ustalavian buddy, Zokar! He handed us all shots to welcome us to our month in Ravengro!