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1 - Hamms and Harrows Drinking Game

Drinking Rules:

Drink every time:

Someone cracks open a can on air

Someone audibly drinks

Other "mouth noises"

Dice rolls

Someone orders water

"Harrow" is said

Finish your drink:

When the GM tells you too!


We also all received Harrow cards during the episode and received a special Harrow reading. Harrow cards are similar to Tarot cards in Pathfinder. They tell you something about your life and give you bonuses at times based on that. The Harrow readings were intense and emotional for our characters and quite the way to introduce ourselves before the funeral of Professor Lorrimor.

Ikmur received The Beating.

Eclipse received The Eclipse (fitting, right?).

Our inquisitive Motumbe received The Inquisitor.

The saltwater loving Leira received The Tangled Briar.

The next day, we went to the home of Professor Lorrimor and met his daughter, Kendra.

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